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perusen - the dictionary of everythingpink floyd -
group members are

(see: syd barrett), (see: nick mason), (see: roger waters), and (see: richard wright)...

i like the video of another brick in the wall
and my favourite song is high hopes, guitar solo in the middle of song, amazing!
by zeper 5 months ago
reddit -
an extremely disorganized website filled with junk comments. there are great writers writing here but unfortunately the majority of comments consist of one-to-one single line comments, cheap karma-oriented comments, and just sometimes bad comments. it is getting harder and harder to find good comments. voting system is insufficient to bring good content, instead it only creates karma whores.

reddit is repetitive. you can find the same question asked hundred times. the community doesn't bother to check if there is a similar title at all. even if they see a similar title, it is still a better idea to make a new one, because otherwise noone recognizes what you write. why would you put your opinions in the middle of old junk.

reddit search sucks. i am sure everyone uses google to search for something in reddit. having the worst search system, people just add more useless topics.

reddit is turning into the place of small talks. knowing that what you write is not being read by public in this junk might lead into disincentive.

the greatest thing reddit offers is the iamas where you can see actual celebrities having public interviews.
by dem 6 months ago
non-profit organization -
an organization not for monetary gain. it uses surplus funds to achieve its goals, rather than to pay dividends to shareholders.

perusen will be a non-profit organization if it happens to reach its goals.
by dem 4 months ago
sex -
“physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that's not why we do it.”
(see: richard feynman)
by zeper 6 months ago
nationalism -
let's play the aristotelian syllogism on nationalism.

superiority complex is inferiority complex.
nationalism is superiority complex.
∴ nationalism is ... ?
by coeurdelion 4 months ago