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perusen - the dictionary of everythingevolution and the second law of thermodynamics -
what is life ? if you look the definition up , you will see something like :

''life is considered a characteristic of organisms that exhibit all or most of the following traits:
6)response to stimuli

the most striking thing special to life is its ability to work in reverse direction predicted by the second law of thermodynamics. from mathematical point of view, energy is convex function and entropy is a concave function. therefore there is a tendency in the nature towards the minumum energy or maximum entropy.

if you go into your kitchen , you may naively conclude that there is something wrong with the second law of thermodynamics but everyhing becomes crystal clear when you receive your electric bill.

life has nothing to do with the violation of the second law of thermodynamics and its beauty comes from working in the reverse direction and of course it is possible because of energy coming from (mostly) sun.

information also may reduce the entropy of a system. (see: shannon entropy)
by the big brother 5 months ago
freedom of speech -
i believe in freedom of speech. i really do. and i believe that your ignorant, discriminating, racial, and ignorant (did i say that already? ok. just making sure) comments and status updates are also protected by freedom of speech. you can say whatever you want. just don't get all upset, angry, offended, and cry when i belittle your tiny brain in public. if you can say that in public, i can, too. it's also freedom of speech.
by coeurdelion 6 months ago
bostonian -
one of the angry people who sank the british trade ship which was carrying tea in 1773. because of the high taxation on everything, including tea, americans revolted. no one, but the fish in boston harbour had the pleasure of that precious tea.
by puhpohwee 7 months ago
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