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perusen - the dictionary of everythinglistening to a very boring seminar -
this happens to ninety percent of the time i attend to a seminar. the guy usually starts with great care with astonishing excitement and very understandable concepts. sometimes he may even try to be funny by silly science analogies with real life. but once he starts what he has really done, i cant stand a minute of it. i really cannot believe that one can convince himself that much to sell his stuff as if it is the most creative and exciting thing ever.
by dem 1 year ago
best opening lines from books -
"all happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way."

anna karenina, leo tolstoy
by hermes 2 years ago
dictatorship -
the first symptom of dictatorship is the control of expressions: whom you talk to, what and how you express, what you should or shouldn't say, and whom you should or shouldn't talk to.

the second symptom of dictatorship is the control of movement: where you go, when you go, how long you can go, where you should and shouldn't be, and when you come back.

the third symptom of dictatorship is the control of finance: what you buy, where you buy, how much you spend, and what you can and cannot buy.

when someone controls you in these three - and you may call it whatever you want: a relationship, a romance, a courtship, an engagement, or a marriage, iet me tell you what you really are: the one who controls these three in your life is your slave master and you are his or her slave. please, i beg you, don't call it love. you will actually make me puke.

and if you don't believe me, i have a test for you to verify if what i say here is true: do him or her exactly what he or she does to you in reverse and see if he or she can stand it. a dictator cannot stand being dictated; a slave master cannot endure being enslaved; a control freak cannot take being controlled. love last i checked was a mutual bond of voluntary sacrifice between the two not a one-sided dictatorship over the other.
by coeurdelion 12 months ago
soundcloud -
unlike many other social media services located in or originated from the united states, soundcloud, which is basically a platform for users to share their sounds, is located in berlin, germany. which impacts many aspects of the service, design, layout and so forth. soundcloud tends to address only a specific group of viewers, since in terms of entertainment an avarage user has an array of better options to choose from. a cosy and smart way to share and listen to sounds, nevertheless. especially if you are living in a country where leaks of telephone communication are daily occurrences.
by hermes 1 year ago
the fact that leonardo dicaprio doesn't have an oscar yet -
maybe the weirdest thing in the world. uhmmm, maybe it's not the weirdest. but it is crystal clear that the fact that leonardo dicaprio who performed on over 20 hollywood productions including titanic, inception, the departed and shutter island which made an impact on history of cinema, doesn't have an oscar yet, is totally weird.

perhaps the next oscar awards bro.
by xperos 11 months ago