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perusen - the dictionary of everythingsex -
a great man once said, everything is about sex. except sex. sex is about power.
(see: house of cards)
by master 6 months ago
tavern in the square -
a generic sports bar with locations in allston and cambridge.

the allston location is frequented by boston university students who live in the area, as well as bc, mit, and local bostonians who commute all the way from the burbs. there is an appeal that no one really understands or talks about, but everyone goes along with.

many have compared tits to a drunk version of the gsu, the student union at boston university. i once met an mit grad student who claims he loved the bar because "the people are real," as opposed to the cambridge nightlife where it's easy to feel like you're stuck in an academic bubble and far from the reality that most of us experience.

thursday is regarded as the best night for going out, but i somehow found that most of my nights as a lazy college senior would end at tits, where everybody knows your name...

(see: wasted)
(see: boston nightlife)
by bombastus 6 months ago
tips to survive in germany -
tips you don't need because germany is one of the safest and neatest countries in europe.
by hermes 2 years ago
berkin elvan -
the last child murder in turkey. government and the police are the criminals. it should not be evaluated as only a child murder. it is the last straw that breaks the camel's back. more power to your elbow turkish people.
by henry 5 months ago
the picture of dorian gray -
oscar wilde's sole, and beautifully written, novel, which despite being now considered a classic, was ill-received upon publication, likely because of its homoerotic undertones, which were shocking and perverse to victorian readers. this gothic, faustian novel, like many others in its time, for example: the strange case of dr. jekyll and mr. hyde by robert louis stevenson, dracula by bram stoker, frankenstein by mary shelley, reflects the victorian obsession with man's innate nature, the role of conscience in social action and the twisted alter-ego.

the story focuses on the character of dorian gray, a young man whose beauty becomes a local painter, basil hallward's, obsession, the inspiration for a new mode in his art. through this painter, and thus through his aesthetic appeal, dorian meets lord henry wotton, a man who espouses pure hedonism, pursuit of pleasure. realizing that his beauty will one day fade, dorian wishes to sell his soul to the devil in return for the gift of eternal youth. his portrait is the only reminder of his age and sin, morphing in time to outwardly show dorian's inner corruption. dorian lives an excessive and immoral life, and becomes so overwhelmed with the appearance of his portrait and the inability to escape its decay that he tries to destroy the painting, instead resulting in his own death.
by bagheera 4 months ago