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perusen - the dictionary of everythingpornography and addiction -
lets start from a famous rat experiment. a male rat is placed into a box with a bunch of female rats. he immediately begins to mate with all the female rats again and again like a porn star until he gets exhausted. after this point he doesn't respond to females nudges and licking him. however when a new female is introduced into the box,he becomes alert and begins to mate once again with the new female. this is attributed to an increase in dopamine which decreases in time while having sex with the same partner.

in the brain, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter—a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other nerve cells. basically it plays a major role in reward-motivated behavior in the brain, and is amplified with all those triggering drugs.

as this rat study suggests, brain releases lots of dopamine with novel experiences. this is why we have tens of tabs open in our firefox, chrome etc. it is because each time our brain is triggered by a range of category from nurse sex to nun sex, from teen to big boobs, etc. all serves to a novelty purpose.

reward-motivated behaviour can be understood more by pavlov's dog. ivan pavlov gives meat to his dog whenever he rings the bell. the conditioned stimulus is the ringing bell and it engenders the dog's producing saliva as the conditioned response. for dog the stimulus is meat, whereas for humans it can be food, sex, love or novelty.

the main factor that amplifies the relation between dopamine release and pornography is that internet provides an infinite amount of novelty just a click away: asian, lesbian, secretary.. then what happens to a brain which satisfied his needs only through pornography? what happens to someone who watches porn 5 times a day, and triggers his brain by the high resolution pixels(something he can't even touch)? the answer is very simple:conditioning in sex arousal and porn addiction. we become addicted when we train our brain with this online reward cycle. please note that porn addiction is something very different than sex addiction.

one direct result of seeking for more dopamine is obesity. we all want to eat more even when we are very full, because we are still looking for the same satisfaction(dopamine) even after we are full. or one can relate this to the sickness of "having more than you need". we dont see obesity in poor countries because of limited access to food. now imagine our 8gb/s speed internet and our fantasies.

pornography affects our sexual sensitization. our brain naturally keeps the memory of certain satisfactions and tries to have the same satisfaction through the same ways. in other words, once you masturbate with "lesbian nurse in the church" video, you will seek the same excitement in your next experience. this is a way that brings us to fetishism.

addiction neurobiologists have shown that all addictions, both chemical and behavioral, appear to share a key molecular switch, deltafosb. this molecular switch gradually accumulates when you overconsume fatty/sugary foods, drugs or sexual activites causing dopamine to surge repeatedly. once it's flipped on, it stays on for a while and doesn't go away easily. this is the protein that makes us want to watch porn when we see a long leggy blonde, just like pavlo's dog. there's much still to learn, but deltafosb stats in the brain for at least 6-8 weeks.

once the brain is trained by novelty of internet world, it increases it dopamine level incredibly. this is the moment when anything else is unable to change our dopamine level appreciably, and as a result we wouldn't enjoy the real sex as much as the pixels. since the brain is locked to fuck three combo of russians, the real man-woman relationship becomes secondary. this can be called as insensitivity.

what make porn addiction special as compare to others are, being free, being very accessible, very private, infinite novelty, not being full as food, etc..

the most common symptoms are that: erectile dysfuntion, your partner is not as social as before, is sexually unresponsive, weird interests with rough sex, does not seem present and demeanor of your partner, ejaculation problems, more masturbation but less arousal, depression.

then how to cure ourselves? extremely straightforward answer: stay away from pornographic websites, dont dream about any of your memories, forget about erotic stories. to be more affective, stop masturbate. this will accelerate the process a lot. this curing process is not as simple as it sounds. it requires a lot of determination.

time is the cure of all problems. be patient and be determinant to solve it.

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this information is all gathered from different places online.
by dem 1 year ago
russian invasion of crimea -
apparently when russia says that it doesn't want war, it doesn't mean that there would be some mutual efforts to make a peaceful solution; it means everyone should just peacefully step aside as russian tanks and troops make their way in to do whatever they want to do with whomever they want to deal with. we need new definition of peace in our dictionaries.
by coeurdelion 1 year ago
best compliment to give a woman -
any positive opinion would make women happy...whether it is small or big...

but i think, "did you lose weight?" is the universally accepted and valid matter how thin the woman is....
by zeper 1 year ago
the guy who doesn't share anything on facebook -
he may well be using facebook only for sending or receiving messages from friends who he otherwise cannot contact. or, he has a real life which he enjoys more than the share button.
by hermes 2 years ago
gun control -
the ongoing debate that occupied the agenda of the us public and politicians, as much as the global media and public opinion, for quite some time. the unusually high number of mass shootings and the relatively lax gun regulations in the country raises the debate frequently to the forefront, but nothing seems to equal the influence of the mighty gun lobbies in the country.
by hermes 2 years ago