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perusen - the dictionary of everythinginnovation suggestions for perusen -
i think the artists of perusen should make cartoons from perusen's posts. then we can distribute the image on pinterest, imgur or reddit etc.

for example, one of perusen's cats is asking "what is life?" or "define life"
and then with a proper background setting, the other one is responding as: "the source of all the pleasures and plights, or the canvas on which all these are painted on." (see: #16)

then we can always share our best posts in this way to increase more attraction for the website. you are all welcome to make your own cartoon/image/photo, and we will distribute it everywhere.
by dem 6 months ago
soundcloud -
unlike many other social media services located in or originated from the united states, soundcloud, which is basically a platform for users to share their sounds, is located in berlin, germany. which impacts many aspects of the service, design, layout and so forth. soundcloud tends to address only a specific group of viewers, since in terms of entertainment an avarage user has an array of better options to choose from. a cosy and smart way to share and listen to sounds, nevertheless. especially if you are living in a country where leaks of telephone communication are daily occurrences.
by hermes 8 months ago
reading titles in order - perusen.comseeing that your chrome settings have changed accidentally in your dream -
happened to me today. probably it means that i care too much about my settings and fear that i will loose them for good. i don't really know why they are so important for me really.
by dionysus 8 months ago
ikea -
primary cause of being slave of nesting instinct
by 30 8 months ago