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perusen - the dictionary of everythingsingle and happy woman -
without any doubt, the woman in her 20s...
by spacey 8 months ago
swiss invasion of liechtenstein -
sounds like a joke when you first hear it.
swiss soldiers accidentally crossed into neighbouring liechtenstein yesterday, which counts as an official invasion. but both swiss and liechtensteinian authorities tried to undermine the incident.
liechtenstein is a quarter the size of the isle of man, and does not have an army.
by hermes 7 months ago
gezi park protests -
speaking with a british correspondent on the gezi park protest:

a: what happened to the protest? why did it lose its momentum all of a sudden? at one point, it was going crazy, almost to the point of overthrowing the current government. then everything just died down.

me: summer vacation happened. welcome to turkey.
by coeurdelion 7 months ago
gym - perusen.cominnovation suggestions for perusen -
i think the artists of perusen should make cartoons from perusen's posts. then we can distribute the image on pinterest, imgur or reddit etc.

for example, one of perusen's cats is asking "what is life?" or "define life"
and then with a proper background setting, the other one is responding as: "the source of all the pleasures and plights, or the canvas on which all these are painted on." (see: #16)

then we can always share our best posts in this way to increase more attraction for the website. you are all welcome to make your own cartoon/image/photo, and we will distribute it everywhere.
by dem 7 months ago