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perusen - the dictionary of everythingreading titles in order - perusen.comlove -
a kind of obsession without a proper definition. while some argue the evolutionary reasons of love, which is to keep the mates together for bringing up the child, some put much more meaning into it. a crazy little thing to which almost all songs, novels, poems, paintings are dedicated. for me, it is a powerful force which shifts the worlds centre, suddenly you are not the main character of your own life- but rather he/she is. call it heartshaped glasses, butterflies in stomach, or whatever. love is a rather masochistic feeling- somehow you continue suffering no matter what, and enjoy it.
by puhpohwee 9 months ago
tips to survive in germany -
tips you don't need because germany is one of the safest and neatest countries in europe.
by hermes 2 years ago
solar system -
is one of the planetary systems which locates at one of the outer arms of milky way galaxy. it is nearly 30.000 light years away from the centre of the galaxy.
by zeper 9 months ago
entropy -
entropy is, by the most popular definition, the measure of the "disorder" of a system. but what is disorder, and what is a system? what "disorder" actually means, from a physics perspective, is the number of microscopic states that correspond to a given macroscopic state. this description raises more questions about the definition of states as well. to be more precise, let's consider one hundred coins in series on a table and count the total number of tails. the number of different configurations that gives, let's say 17 tails, is the disorder of this system.

fortunately and unfortunately nature is not that simplistic. any particle in observable life has many more individual states unlike the coin where we only care about two. by "microscopic states" we mean the exact states of all the particles (even sub-particles) making up the system.

the idea here is that for a real system the composition, volume, energy, pressure, and
temperature don't tell you very much about the exact state of each molecule making up the system. the system appears in the most probable state and that's it. for even a very small piece of matter, there can be billion trillions of different microscopic states, all of which correspond to the sample having the same composition, volume, energy, pressure, and temperature.

(see: the second law of thermodynamics)
by dem 12 months ago